"Playing Profitopoly was not only a blast, it was an amazingly real and in-depth exercise in managing a fast moving business!  The game really challenges the player to juggle real-life business choices and to understand multiple metrics for risk-taking to improve financial performance.  I loved it!"

Dave Gooding, CEO, Juliska


"Profitopoly was presented to me and a peer group of CEOs.  By the end of the morning's game I was on my way to understanding cash flow and other key metrics.  Not only is this crucial to my business, it was done in a fun and meaningful way."

Bob Luther, CEO, Lex Products


"Ten of my CEO clients had the privilege of experiencing Profitopoly.  Brilliantly disguised as a highly competitive, fun game, without knowing it, these CEO's learned more about financial management in one day than most people learn in a two year masters program."

Jim Neidhardt, CEO Chair,Renaissance Executive Forums


The members of all 4 of my Executive Forums experienced Profitopoly, a business simulation game created by Steve & Jim Huff.  This was by far one of our best learning experiences in the past 7 years I've been running Executive Forums!  Members not only had lots of fun competing with each other, I witnessed an accelerated/intensified learning process as Steve facilitated discussion around competition, operational excellence, and financial strength.  Nothing like a little healthy competition to make us stronger!

Lee Self, CEO Chair, Renaissance Executive Forums


As a CEO, you have to keep your eye on all the important things – Profitopoly showed me the risk related to the important things which I am not paying enough attention to.  Also it helped me to recognize some areas of current "risk" today down lower in my organization.


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