About Profitopoly

Profitopoly is a new, innovative and fun learning system.  It combines cutting edge technology and visual learning aids in a ‘business simulation' game format. 

The game is fully electronic and visually powerful.  As teams analyze business variables and make decisions, the results are readily available in a business dashboard, balanced scorecard, financial statements and reports.  These visual learning aids, combined with dynamic group discussions, will deliver the learning to help you achieve better results and more profit.  And, you employees will have fun in the process!

Profitopoly is also unique in that it can be easily customized to reflect your specific industry and the scenarios reflect your Company's specific business model, goals and learning needs.  This makes the Profitopoly experience highly relevant and promotes immediate application of learning.

After experiencing Profitopoly, we believe you will join us in our assertion that you have never seen anything like this before and you never will again!

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